Sexy Gothic Floral Brocade Strapless Steel Bone Bodyshaper Waist Cincher Overbust Corset N19020

Release Date:2019-04-29 10:45

Five Advantages Of Products

  • MOQ: 1 set per style Bodyshaper
  • Price: USD9.00 per set Waist Cincher
  • Quality: high quality Corset
  • Shipping: fast express sexy corset
  • Production: In stock sleepwear

Product Details


This Sexy Overbust Corset features: made of delicate brocade fabric, sexy strapless and sweetheart bodice, 12 steel bones for support, front clasp closure for easy wearing, back lacing up for cinching, matching thong.

Item code: N19020.
Minimum quantity: 1 pieces.
Color: Blue.
Size: S,M,L,XL,2XL.
Material: Brocade.
Back: Lace-up.
Boning: 12 Steel Bones.
Back vanity panel: Yes.

Size chart:

Size   Bust(cm)   Waist(cm)   Hips(cm)    Front/Back Length(cm)

 S       78-81       60-63        80-83              38.5/35

 M       82-85       64-67        84-87              38.5/35

 L       86-89       68-71        88-91              39.5/36

 XL      90-93       72-75        92-95              39.5/36

2XL      94-97       76-79        96-99              39.5/36

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